DCP 109: Color My World With Dale Grahn

Dale Grahn's resume as a color timer is impressive. He's worked extensively with Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola. He must have one of the longest list of films under one name in the IMDB database! Dale talks about the craft of color timing feature films. We get the inside scoop on how he helped develop the bleach bypass look of Saving Private Ryan. Dale is the grand master of color for feature films and broadcast television series. He's the guy, as Chris Fenwick says, you want to watch over their shoulder as they perform their craft. Dale talks about his new iPad app that helps you learn the basics of color grading. The app has several video tutorials with Dale Grahn explaining how to produce different looks. Then you get the opportunity to try to match what he does. The game-like approach is a great teaching aid.

Dale was very gracious to talk with us and also very patient. We had the worst Skype related technical issues ever in the history  recording the DCP! Yikes! Thanks to Chris' editing prowess we lobotomized the gremlins.

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