DCP 45: The Final Cut Pro X Chronicles - Debacle or Path to the Future?

Philip Hodgetts, Patrick Inhofer, Chris Fenwick and I talk about the polarizing launch of Final Cut Pro X. Is this launch one of Apple's biggest debacles or is it the shining path to the future of editing?

A week has passed since the release of FCP X and it's impact is just starting to sink in. Web content producers' response to the release is positive while high-end post houses have been very vocal in expressing their outrage for this release. With the abrupt end-of-lifing of Final Cut Studio (including FCP 7 and Color), high-end users are left without any means for buying additional licenses for their shops. Sharing data from one application to another has been severed - there is no XML/EDL/OMF workflow available at this time. This move by Apple has alienated many high-end users. Can this vocal group of editors' hearts be won back by Apple? Or does Apple even care? Our panel of experts talk about what this means for them and their peers.

Controversy aside, what are the positive aspects of FCP X? Philip Hodgets, Patrick Inhofer, and Chris Fenwick weigh with their vast experience in editing, color grading, and finishing.

I believe you will enjoy listening to the lively impassioned conversation about FCP X. Many thanks to Philip, Chris, and Patrick for participating in this episode. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think: Is FCP X Apple's biggest debacle or the path to a bright editing future?

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